Code Red: An Exploration of Degrowth Economics

My senior capstone project for Loyola Marymount University, a long-form documentary on the unconventional economic thinking of degrowth.

Common Table Creative

My editing for Common Table Creative includes web-based clips and long-form editing for a pilot TV series about regenerative agriculture.

Japan-ROK Relations: Are America's Asian Alliances at Risk?

In conjunction with the LMU Global Policy Institute and the Korea Foundation. This short-form documentary discusses the background and implications of the rocky relationship between the South Korea and Japan.

Los Angeles Loyolan

A selection of my award-winning video projects at the Los Angeles Loyolan.

Election 2020 Reel

Oh S#@&! Can Politicians Say That?

What is Divest LMU?

Do College Students Vote?

A Conversation with Steven Levitsky

In the fall of 2019, I produced this interview between CNN veteran Carol Costello and Harvard Professor Steven Levitsky. In the interview, Levitsky and Costello discuss Levitsky's book, "How Democracies Die," and the implications it means for future public policy.

The Teal Chair 

An award-winning documentary filmed in conjunction with Treasure Valley Hospice, providing insights on subjects of life, death, and relationships.


News Clipping

Abbreviated Film

Mane Entertainment


Ice Rink and Hot Drink

2019 Dance Competition

Meet Mane